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* Do you know what DNS filtering is?

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DNS filtering, also known as DNS blocking, is a security method that stops users from accessing malicious, untrustworthy, or undesirable domains or IP addresses. To do this, a comparison is made between the DNS query and a list of blocked domains or IP addresses. If there's a match, the domain won't be resolved, and access will be denied.

DNS filtering can ban websites based on the following:

  • IP address
  • Domain name

Every DNS query is directed through a Recursive DNS server (DNS resolver). When the DNS resolver is configured to function as a filter, it can refuse to resolve queries for domains that are included in a blocklist, thus preventing users from accessing those domains.

DNS filtering can protect against some malicious attacks, such as:

  • DNS cache poisoning (DNS spoofing)
  • DNS hijacking
  • DNS tunneling

This method provides additional protection against online threats and ensures a safer browsing experience for users.

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